Daystate Wolverine 2 Hilite .303 - 135 J

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De nieuwe Daystate Wolverine, schitterende uitvoering in .30 (7.62 mm) met 135 Joule, 

  • 100 ft/lb / 135 joule in kaliber 303 (7,62mm)
  • Lichtere, open walnoten kolf en carbon luchtfles van 480cc (goed voor 20 schoten per vulling)
  • 5-schots magazijn
  • Totaal gewicht 3,4 kg
  • Lengte 96.5 cm
  • Looplengte 43 cm
  • Geschikt voor het plaatsten van een geluiddemper
  • Vullen mogelijk tot 230 bar
  • Bolt action (zowel links- als rechtshandig)
  • 2 stage trekker
  • Ambi kolf (zowel links- als rechtshandig)
  • Levering exclusief richtmiddelen!

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Developed over an unprecedented seven-year development program, the Wolverine2 was first launched in 2012 as a unique 303 calibre airgun with the 12 and 30 foot pound versions being launched a year later. Three years on Daystate, as is their normal practice, have ‘refreshed’ the design and an updated Wolverine2 2 was shown to the trade for the first time at the January 2017 Shot show in Las Vegas alongside the Saxon Limited Edition.

Almost every part of the rifle has seen some small and subtle improvements over what has already proven to be a successful and reliable design. A new core valve assembly taken from the Pulsar and Renegade, which improves airflow for a much larger shot count as well as making the rifle easier to service. Changes to the breech block design gives a more family look - quite like the design used on the highly popular Daystate Pulsar. A completely new stock from stock maestro Gary Canes’ Techwood Design studio, surely the most famous airgun stock designer in the world - being the chief architect here, with some further input from the chief designer of Minelli. While they were about it the 3D butt pad used on the Pulsar was incorporated to add a new level of adjustability.

The latest Wolverine2 is slightly shorter than the original version and the centre of gravity moved rearwards for a better balance. Here, Daystate are making an already good design better as well as easier to shoot. Improvements incorporated into the latest batches of the match-grade German Walther barrel are included in the new rifle, with Daystates’ Tony Belas joking that barrel costs of their high end rifles are getting close to the total manufacturing cost of some of the more eastern airgun manufacturers. Accuracy on a Daystate rifle is always a given, but the Company are keen to build on this wherever possible.

In all a superb upgrade to a gun that was already a delight to shoot.

Wolverine2 Hilite 303

Daystate developed the big bore sporting rifle in response to great demand from airgun hunters world wide.

Enter the 0.303 calibre Wolverine2

In addition to packing a 303 calibre punch the multishot Wolverine2 is also unique in featuring gun handling and safety’s that will be more familiar to firearm shooters such as a bolt open safety a resettable safety catch plus a pressure system that prevents the rifle chambering more than one bullet at a time.

Why a Daystate big bore air rifle ?

Airgun hunters have for a long time, enjoyed the benefits of using an air rifle to take small game, and for pest control.

Airguns are unique, with low cost of ammunition, the potential for lower power outputs than firearms making them safer within buildings and hazardous locations, and less environmental impact (noise).

Until now, airgun hunters wishing to hunt for medium sized game have had to change to full bore rifles or shotguns.

With the introduction of the Wolverine2 303 there is now an airgun alternative !

Featuring a new specially designed .303 airgun bullet, the Wolverine2 303 with its 5 shot rotary magazine and muzzle energy of up to 100 ft lbs is more than capable of taking larger game species at sensible airgun ranges.

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